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Ethiopia As The Tourists Destination

Ethiopia is one of the oldest countries in the world and tourists from all across the world visit this country every year to explore its hidden beauty.

Primarily Ethiopia is popular amongst foreign tourists because of its capital city and highlands. The Arba Minch, Debre Markos, Jijiga and Gambela are amongst other major tourists destinations in Ethiopia. These places are conveniently connected with rest of country by air.

There are many good hotels in Ethiopia which are offering high-class hospitality and luxurious living. Nevertheless you can also find a budget hotel too matching to your very specific requirements.

During travelling in the Ethiopia, you would find various interesting places where you would be rejoicing while spending your pleasurable time with highly hospitable community.

Here are the interesting points which would be of special interest for the people planning to visit Ethiopia.

Nightlife: You will find the nightlife in Ethiopia full of vigor where people gather in small hotels and theaters and sing traditional music which is still very popular here.

Pleasant Landscape: Ethiopia is very rich in natural landscapes which are scattered all across its rural areas. So you can travel to downtown areas of Ethiopia to have a refreshing long drive. Ethiopia posses most of the attractive and natural environments of Africa and you will find it really pleasant throughout your journey.

Duty Free Shopping Centers: There are few good duty-free shopping centers where you can find a number of imported dress, household, and auxiliary items of your choice at very attractive rates. There are many other best known shopping centers offering wide range of gold and silver jewelry, outfits and world-class dressing solutions. So you can buy items of your choice quite easily at really competitive prices.

Golf Courses: The world-class hotels in Ethiopia also have their well-maintained and world-renowned golf courses where you can enjoy while playing golf with your mate.

Spa Culture: Fewer people know about the SPA culture of Ethiopia whereas you can enjoy a physical and mental renewal while visiting one of the well established beautifully crafted oasis. The Boston Day Spa is really a pleasurable place where the human body is taken special care. This Spa will enable you to discover your inner beauty and will enable you to refresh perfectly.

Wildlife: There are a number of wildlife parks and wildlife reserves in Ethiopia. While visiting these parts you can see the wild animals living in natural and independent habitats. Here you will find the lions, zebras and giraffes as well as various others in their natural mood which cannot be experienced in controlled environments at zoo small safari parks.

Sports in Ethiopia: The adventure sports are very popular amongst the tourists visiting the Ethiopia. So you can enjoy many of adventure sports like swimming, camping, and trekking.

Ethiopian Cuisines: At many hotels and resorts in Ethiopia, you can find various types of local and international delicious cuisines.

The prospective tourists are required to have a valid visa. You can apply for a 1~3 months tourist visa. Visitors from various European and American countries are granted visa upon arrival at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa. For this purpose you have to show an amount of US$: 100 in your possession.

Source by Nancy A Suzan