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Los Angeles Tourist Attractions – Top 10 LA Beaches

* Leo Carrillo – Families love this summer-camp-style beach with enough stimulating tide pools, cliff caves, nature trails and great swimming and surfing to tire out even the most hyperactive kids.

* El Matador – This small, remote hideaway is a popular filming location thanks to super-scenic battered rock cliffs and giant boulders, but the surf is wild and clothing is optional ( X-rated action has been observed ).

* Zuma – Two miles of pearly sand with plenty of Halle Berry and Daniel Craig lookalikes emerging from the crystal-clear waves. Mellow swells make for perfect body surfing. Come early on weekends to snag parking.

* Paradise Cove – Brad and Angelina have been photographed strolling along the scenic sands of TV’s Rockford Files fame. The water looks lovely but can be quite polluted. Eating at the beach cafe cuts the $25 parking fee down to $3. Walk-ins are $5.

* Will Rogers – Baywatch stars Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff used to bounce along this sandy patch which is now a cruisey gay beach.

* Santa Monica – Wide slab of sand where beach-umbrella-toting families descend like butterfly swarms on weekends to escape the inland heat. Water quality is poor right by the pier but OK a few hundred yards away.

* Venice Beach – Get your freak on at LA’s most hipsterific beach paralleled by the Venice Broadwalk. During Sundays drum circle, the bongos reach crecendo and dances turn to silhouettes as the sun dips into the ocean.

* Manhattan Beach – Brassy SoCal beach with a high flirt factor and hardcore surfers hanging by the pier for, like, totally epic waves. Families can check out marine life in the Roundhouse Marine Studies Lab & Aquarium.

* Hermosa Beach – Possibly LA’s most libidinous beach party with hormone-crazed tight-bods getting their game on over beach volleyball and in the raucous pubs along Pier Ave.

* Malaga Cove – This crescent-shaped, cliff-backed shoreline is the only sandy Palos Verdes beach easily accessible by the hoi polloi. Blends into rocky tide pools and has excellent rolling waves for surfers, but no lifeguards.

Author : Kenneth Ng

Source by Kenneth Ng