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The Top 10 Most Haunted Houses in the World

  1. Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp (Oswiecim, Poland) – Haunted houses aren’t just homes, per se. The top 10 most haunted houses in the world include any building that houses people, and this is one of the grimmest places in the world. The Auschwitx Concentration camp is has one of the most blood-stained histories in the world, with over 2 million deaths in a five-year period (1940-45). The torture and genocide that took place here is some of the most horrific in human history.
  2. Raynham Hall (Norfolk, England) – Home to England’s most famous ghost, the brown lady. According to folk legend, a picture of the brown lady was captured in the mid-1930’s, and that picture remains one of the most authentic ghost pictures ever taken.
  3. The Whaley House (San Diego, California) – The most haunted house in the US. There have been dozens of reported ghost encounters at the Whaley House, which was once partially a cemetery as well. The Whaley House is one of the central hotspots for paranormal activity in the world.
  4. Ballygally Castle (Ballygally Bay, Ireland) – Castles are just really big houses, right? Well, my not “just,” but the Ballygally Castle has been converted into a hotel that is still active today. However, it’s also famous for a number of ghosts, one of which is a ghost of a woman who was starved to death by her husband.
  5. Unit 731 Experimentation Camp (Harbin, Manchuria, China) – This is actually a Japanese concentration camp, and it is responsible for the deaths of over 250,000 Chinese prisoners. This part of Asian history is mostly unknown by the larger public, but it remains one of the most disturbing places in the world.
  6. The Rose Hall Great House (Montego Bay, Jamaica) – This is a big tourist attraction because of Jamaica’s natural beauty. Most tourists, however, are unaware of the legend behind it. Supposedly, the lady of the house was a witch who captured, tortured and murdered dozens of slaves.
  7. The Bell Farm (Adams, Tennessee, US) – The Whaley house might be “more” haunted, but the Bell Farm is the most famous haunted house in the US. In just 2005, the movie “An American Haunting” detailed its poltergeist history.
  8. The Myrtles Plantation (St. Francisville, Louisiana) – This plantation has actually been turned into a bed and breakfast, but it’s unknown how many of their customers know its history. The ghosts of murdered children, slaves and an attorney still haunt it.
  9. Edinburgh Castle (Edinburgh, Scotland) – The most haunted place in the most haunted city of Scotland, Edinburgh Castle’s ghosts continue to haunt visitors to this day.
  10. The White House (Washington D.C., USA) – The ghosts of dead presidents linger over the White House, and its secretive nature only adds to its mystique.

Source by Jack Blake