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Travel Help! Finding A Flight!

Ever have it where you wanted to plan a great vacation yet you were left with too many websites and ‘great deals’ coming into your inbox or mail box that you are left overwhelmed and lost that you want to cancel the whole thing? Ok, maybe it wasn’t that dramatic but at least there was frustration setting in on something that was supposed to be relaxing and needed? Well, whether it is overseas or the next state over there is help out there to find the best package for you, at the very least places to go to give you some guidance through that process of planning the perfect getaway.

Now I know there are people out there that money is no object on such an endeavor while there are some out there like me who want a great trip but don’t have a wallet that can constantly be left open. So I am going to tell you about a few places that can help you along the way.

oCheaptickets is a website for both domestic and international flights. You can get package deals on tickets, car rentals and hotels. Mix and match if you’d like. There are also options for cruises and activities to the location you are looking for. For those who regularly travel you can register with them and get extra deals and are able to save your itinerary on the site itself.

oExpedia Also Domestic and International but this is a bit more promising for those who are looking for a more detailed vacation. As with you can do activities, cruises, package deals but unlike you can plan a trip bases solely on a particular purpose. Take skiing for example: can search for great skiing destinations as well as the best price for your budget. They can help with lodging and even tell you places in that area for ski rentals. Another thing that I have observed in my hunt for great prices on tickets is that on average has lower airfare and less transfers. It can also be viewed in other languages outside of English.

oTravel at yahoo I have used yahoo for tickets internationally and they also do domestic. Yahoo is very thorough in planning a trip. You will find activities, cruises, hotels and car rentals. Great package deals and you can plan a trip entirely on an activity such as mountain climbing, skiing and whatever else suits your fancy. Their prices vary but I have gotten great prices using yahoo. The only issue I had with using yahoo travel was its primary clients are Americans. I say that because I was unable to use a bank card from Europe to pay for the tickets. I had to use a card issued from America. It can be a large inconvenience when you’re starting point is outside the US.

oPriceline In searching through their site I have observed that this site would better suit the US more than outside travelers. Your departure has to come from inside the US but it does fly international. Again there are package deals on hotels, car rentals and tickets. The site is simple to use and prices are great. While it goes outside the US its better deals can be found in domestic flights.

These are the most popular places to plan a vacation on the web yet there are so much more out there. My departure is from the Netherlands and because of that I can find great deals with local agents and websites catered to this particular country. Other countries have their own agents that are popular among the locals so keep that in mind when planning and traveling. If you have travel agents or websites that you recommend that I neglected to mention by all means leave a comment telling me about it. Another thing I want to add is about flights and in particular, transfers. I have done both non-stop flights and flights with transfers. I personally hate transfers. A lot can go wrong and when all you want to do is go home transferring elsewhere can be a hassle. An example of this was when I was flying back from NY to the Netherlands. I had a transfer in Italy. The flight leaving from NY was delayed two hours and because of that the flight I was supposed to be on in Italy left without me! I had to wait a few hours at the airport for the next available flight to Amsterdam. I went with the transfer flight because it was cheaper but I learned from this experience I am going with non-stop from now on!

Now mind you there are people who don’t mind transfers. You can get great deals with transfer flights. Some enjoy the experience of going elsewhere while on their way to their main destination. My experience has shaped my travel from here on out but it might not for others. I will have more information on agents, airlines and anything else relevant to vacationing as I have them, if you have anything that others might enjoy by all means share your secrets!

Source by Samantha Schmalfuss